Scented Soy Wax Melts



This product offers a hassle-free and flame-less option to fill your space with scents to customize your home. Our Soy Wax Melts are made with 100% organic soy wax, bring long lasting scent to your home without the use of flames. Get the right aroma without any of the mess!


Listing is for (1) clam shell wax melt in your scent of choice.

These wax melts are truly amazing! These strong scented wax melts are long lasting. Each clam shell includes a total of 2.75 ounces, shaped into 6 cubes. 

Place 1-2 cubes in your wax burner and enjoy the aroma! Once scent becomes weaker, clean out wax warmer and replace the cubes as needed.


Breath Easy – Crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus, and mint.

Citrus Sage – A rich citrus blend of bergamot, tangerine, and lemon over a velvety green sage heart. 

Stress Relief – Surprising flourishes of fruity apple add dimension and interest to fresh minty notes with a eucalyptus heart

Chocolate Bunny – Cocoa...but not chocolate! This awakening scent is true to its powdery form.  Chocolate Lovers Dream! Smells like you just walked into the Hershey Spa!

Energize – lemongrass herbs in my garden

Lemon + Lavender – This citrus lavender blend features sparkling top-notes of orange, tangerine and lemon, with additional florals of plumeria, jasmine & cyclamen, with subtle notes of clove and vanilla.

Blueberry & Waffles – A mouthwatering medley of blueberries and maple syrup atop a stack of freshly made waffles. 

Merlins Forest – Enchanting Forest greens and breathtaking pine needles greet the senses as woodland rose, baby violet and geranium unfold into a bed of moss, sweet warm woods and patchouli.

Fudge Brownie – A delightful dark chocolate fudge with milk chocolate and walnuts.

Cracklin Birch – A warm, inviting blend perfect for any fall or winter evening. Notes of fresh bergamot, citrus zest and a delicate floral accord, over a woodsy base of vetiver, tonka, and patchouli. 

Sugar Cookie – A mouthwatering aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies with hints of vanilla and butter.

Raspberry Sangria – Bubbly and fruity. This scent combines raspberries, citrus, grapefruits, coconut, and peach together in a fun bubbly sangria.

Dark Roasted Coffee – The perfect aroma of freshly roasted dark coffee beans, with a hint of sweetened vanilla and cracked hazelnut.

Hyacinth – Our freshly bloomed hyacinth opens on a lush, green top-note, followed by a burst of primrose, jasmine, carnation, hyacinth, lotus blossom and star anise, and finishes with a subtle earthen nuance.

Book Club – Woody notes, complemented with soft florals and a dusting of spice.

Cleaning Day – A refreshing, vibrant clean lemon scent with hints of bergamot, musk, and bright citrus.

Welcome Home – A tasty blend of cinnamon, sugar and dough completed with bakery notes.

Sea Salt + Peony – A beautiful balance of sea salt, peony, geranium, rose, and tea leaves amid fresh aquatic scents of rosewood, white cedar, and white patchouli.

Dark Coconut – A tropical and beachy effect, the aroma comes from the husk and hull of the coconut with a lightly toasted rich and creamy scent.

Caribbean Dreams – A creamy coconut blended with fresh pineapple and a light orchid top note. Close your eyes and travel to the white sand beaches!

Cinnamon & Sugar Soft Pretzel – The delicious scent of golden-baked soft pretzels fresh from the oven, covered with melted butter and cinnamon sugar.

Rainforest Sugarcane – Experience a Hawaiian rainforest with an intriguing mixture of dewy citrus, lush greens and musky nuances.

Birthday Cake – A complex yet strong vanilla cake mixes with cream cheese, almonds, and coconut.

Lilac - Freshly picked Lilac flowers.

Clothesline – Fresh Linen blowing in the wind

Irish Moss – A combination of rich cedar, sandalwood, and amber with light notes of evergreen and fresh-cut grass.

Oceanside – A true and captivating aroma of fresh, ozonic ocean air coming off the coastline on a warm summer day. 

Rainbow Sugar Crystals – An intoxicating blend of sweet berries and delicate florals. Playfully highlighted with hints of cotton candy, licorice, and powdered musk.

Strawberry Short Cake – The delightful aroma of freshly sliced strawberries accompanied by warm pound cake with whipped cream

Sweet Orange + Chilli Pepper – Citrus orange with hints of tangy spice, sweet florals, and a base of musk.

French Toast – Cinnamon and maple syrup combine with buttery sourdough bread

Lavender – This fragrance captures the soothing essence of lavender. Not overly sweet or herbal. The perfect balance of soft and simple.

Butt Naked – A fruity blend of Peach, Melon, Coconut, Strawberry & Vanilla.

Coastal Waters – A bright, immersive profile highlighted with hints of lemon, marine air, and sea greens.

Sunday Morning – A mouthwatering mix of buttermilk and vanilla blended with a cinnamon stick, nutmeg, and clove.

Spa Day – Refreshing and clean. This scent is perfect for a spa collection or added to your year-round collection. Fresh, crisp mint combines with base notes of bursting lemons, verbena, and eucalyptus. 

Bergamot + Sandalwood – A powerful, masculine blend highlighted by bright bergamot and sandalwood. 

Bamboo + Teakwood – A refreshing blend of floral botanicals and woodsy bottom notes combine to make this unique, resort-worthy scent. Fresh, exotic, and sweet.

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