Limited Edition Iridescent Pink Glass | 12oz Wooden Wick Soy Candle | Choose Scent

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Limited-Edition Jar with Cork Lid 

Listing is for (1) Iridescent Pink Luxury Soy Candle with a Crackling Booster Wooden Wick - Choose Scent

Our crackling booster wooden wicks are a bit different from a traditional cotton wick candle- they burn longer, cleaner, and have a cozy and calming crackling ambiance like a wood burning fireplace.


  • Made with 100% soy wax, phthalate free premium fragrance oil and a wooden cracking booster wick. 
  • Dimensions:  3.75 inches wide, and 4.1 inches tall.
  • Cork Lid 
  • It's also the ideal size for a gift.
  • Burn time is 72 hours and you will experience a lovely clean and even burn with this straight sided jar

    Beach Retreat -  Transform your mind back to clear skies, warm sun, and tropical paradise memories.

    Calla Lilly- Fresh floral bouquet highlighting this exquisite flower that can symbolize magnificent beauty and rebirth. It opens with bright notes of clover, ozone, and lemon peel before giving way to a floral heart of hydrangea, lily, and cherry blossom. Powder, light musk, and amyris in the base add depth to this scent.

    Cashmere- This cozy and warm fragrance oil is reminiscent of snuggling in with your favorite blanket

    Caribbean Dreams- A creamy coconut blended with fresh pineapple and a light orchid top note. Close your eyes and travel to the white sand beaches

    Citrus Sage- A rich citrus blend of bergamot, tangerine, and lemon over a velvety green sage heart.

    Cocoa Butter Cashmere- A warm, intriguing fragrance that combines sweet cocoa butter and coconut. Elegant under notes of cedarwood, jasmine, and rich vanilla complete this unique, lovely blend.

    Cotton + Iris - Cotton and Iris captures the essence of line-dried laundry billowing in a spring breeze when the world is blooming and bursting with freshness. Airy ozone and powder notes open up to a floral heart of lily of the valley, iris, and cotton blossom. Light musk and violet ground this fragrance with a light woody base.

    Cowboy Nights - An empowering, masculine fusion of mahogany, cedar, geranium and resinous woods delightfully supplemented with hints of lavender.

    Dancing Rose Petals- A romance fragrance true to the smell of authentic, fresh cut red roses straight from the floral shop.

    Dark Kiss - A sophisticated, irresistible blend of warm vanilla bean, black raspberry, sweet sugar and rose petals. 

    English Garden- Be swept away to a garden exploding in full bloom with our fresh, botanical English Garden. It starts with subtle notes of green florals with a heart of lilac, rose, and jasmine.

    Fresh Mint + Eucalyptus- Refreshing and clean. This scent is perfect for a spa collection or added to your year-round collection. Fresh, crisp mint combines with base notes of bursting lemons, verbena, and eucalyptus. 

    Lavender- This fragrance captures the soothing essence of lavender. Not overly sweet or herbal. The perfect balance of soft and simple.

    Magnolia & Peony - Delicate yet satisfyingly bold, this fragrance oil captures spring at the peak of its blossoming glory with its marriage of magnolia, peony, and freesia. Base notes of powder and wood wrap up this complex bouquet with a clean, graceful finish. 

    Moonflower Nector - Unique blend of florals and fruits inspired by the night-blooming moonflower, an oft iridescent blossom that only releases its sweet fragrance at night. Top notes of juicy pear and agave merge with soft floral and marine notes cocooned in a powdery blend of dark musk and amber. 

    Neroli + Jasmine - Surround yourself in the heady, mysterious aroma of Neroli and White Jasmine. This fragrance oil is a luxurious blend of deep, rich florals bolstered by hints of green leaves, citrus, and petitgrain.

    Rain Water- This clean fragrance starts with fresh citrus and a bouquet of white florals. Rose, jasmine, and violets make up the heart followed by sandalwood and white musk.

    Raspberry + Vanilla - A beautiful bright blend of berries, vanilla, greenery, citrus and musk. 

    Strawberry Peach Champagne -  Bubbly fizzy champagne undertones mixed with sweet strawberries, peaches, raspberries, orange and hints of coconut.

    Stress Relief-  Surprising flourishes of fruity apple add dimension and interest to fresh minty notes with a eucalyptus heart

    Sugar Cookie- A mouthwatering aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies with hints of vanilla and butter.

    Tropical Oasis - An inviting and uplifting blend of sweet honeydew, ripe avocado and creamy coconut highlighted with light floral, fruity bases reminiscent of a tropical oasis. 



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